Integrité First Mortgage, LLC (SM) provides service to all of South Carolina

Integrité First Mortgage, LLC (SM)  provides their mortgage services to all parts of the State of South Carolina.  They maintain their borrower's convenience by maintaining close dialogue through the telephone, internet, mail, email, and facsimile systems.  The borrowers also select their own attorney to coordinate their mortgage closing so they can attend this closing at their attorney's office.  IFM coordinates with these attorneys to maintain a smooth closing.  This convenience provides borrowers with the lowest interest rates and confidence they need to insure a comfortable and successful mortgage experience.

Integrité First Mortgage, LLC (SM) guarantees the lowest interest rates with no points!

Integrité First Mortgage, LLC (SM)  offers the lowest conforming interest rates because they do not have as much overhead costs as banks and larger institutions have.  The higher the interest rate that banks and larger institutions need to offer their borrowers, the more money they earn to pay for their overhead costs.  IFM passes on their savings to their customers in the form of lower interest rates without compromising their awards winning service.  IFM also NEVER charges origination points and discount points, unless the borrower wants to buy down the interest rate, the borrower requires an extension on their interest rate lock, or the borrower requires a special financing program.  On a typical mortgage, this can be a savings of approximately $4,000 in closing costs!  Many mortgage companies are offering higher interest rates with no points.  After extensive research, no points means no discount points to them, but they still collect origination points/fees!  As we behave with true Christian values, we will continue to perform as the bible teaches us.  This wonderful country is built on these values and we plan on continuing this tradition regardless of external influences. 

Never secure a mortgage through a realtor or builder!

There is a reason why realtors and builders only recommend a few mortgage companies to you.  They have relationships with these firms.  Most of these relationships are established because the mortgage people provide incentives to realtors to send them business.  Their interest is not to send you to mortgage companies who can offer you the best interest rate and closing cost option.  Their interest is to accumulate incentives for doing so.  Builders will also only send you to a few mortgage companies.  These are companies that provide them with financing to build your house.  In return, builders send you to a mortgage company who provides them with financing.  Under this relationship, the mortgage company earns very little from the builder, but the mortgage company will make up for this by providing you with higher interest rates and closing costs.  The higher the interest rate they give you, the more money they earn!  If these companies are not referring you to Integrité First Mortgage, LLC (SM) , you are not receiving the best interest rate and closing costs option. 

Integrité First Mortgage (SM) earns several mortgage loan origination and processing quality awards

Integrité First Mortgage, LLC (SM)  is the recent recipient of serveral Lender Mortgage Loan Origination and Processing Quality Awards.  IFM is consistently performing their mortgage services for their customers at a high level of quality.  Their performance during the origination and processing phases of the mortgage process, which are the largest portions of the mortgage process, is exceptional and accurate.  This performance of detailed work makes the mortgage process smoother and timely for all parties involved.  Our goal is not to set the world on fire by seeing how many loans we can punch out, but by providing a personable service in a timely manner. 

Integrité First Mortgage, LLC (SM) sees continued growth in 2020!

Integrité First Mortgage, LLC (SM)  is experiencing continuing growth in the number of mortgages supported in 2020.  The company sees the number of their closed mortgages in 2020 rising about 15% from 2019 levels, when their numbers were up 5%, beating expectations.  This is due to the continued strong relationships with their strong lenders and their continued quality service and integrity policies.  IFM has never taken much risk in their relationships with lenders or borrowers.  This has positioned the company to remain strong in the mortgage industry when many mortgage brokers and lenders are closing their doors.  Integrite' First Mortgage (SM)  remains very positive regarding their outlook for 2020. 

BEWARE the FHA Mortgage Loan: It has higher closing costs, higher PMI, and stricter guidelines!

 Mortgage products are created to assist the general public with purchasing a home.  FHA mortgages are created mainly to assist people with less than good credit with purchasing their home.  FHA rules and guidelines do not penalize homebuyers with bad credit so their interest rates are reasonable for these types of people.  The mortgage risk involved with these types of people is also higher and thus the Private Mortgage Insurance, where required, is approximately 50% higher than conventional Private Mortgage Insurance.  FHA mortgages also have stricter guidelines that may disqualify you from receiving this mortgage even if you are a long way into the mortgae process.  If you have good credit, you are always better with a conventional Fannie MAE or Freddie MAC mortgage.  Your interest rate is about the same, closing costs are lower, and the Private Mortgage Insurance, where required, is a lot lower.  Integrité First Mortgage (SM)  offers the complete line of Fannie MAE and Freddie MAC mortgage loan products.  Contact us now to discuss you mortgage options. 

NEVER attempt to secure a mortgage through a bank or credit union!

 Their staff is often less educated and less experienced in mortgage services than the staff at Integrité First Mortgage®.  Their ignorance frequently results in bad service, higher interest rates, high closing costs, and mortgage delays.  Their mortgage staff is also not required to be licensed as we are.

Beware of the banks that advertise a mortgage with a no closing cost option.  These programs have higher interest rates and a separate fee for the program.  If you do not keep these mortgages for the duration of their amortized period (usually 30 years) you will have to pay higher closing costs when you sell your home or refinance this mortgage.(Banks and credit unions do not tell you this information until you get to the mortgage closing table.  You can either accept this deception or lose your new home at the closing table!  **Information provided by Bank/Credit Union account executives and mortgage processors)  It always costs the consumer dearly when they assume that the bank or credit union they are banking with has their best interest in mind when they apply for a new mortgage with them.  Remember that there are no free lunches with banks and credit unions!  Their products are money related and they will make it from you, one way or another!

(Check us out!  You will always find that we have a better interest rate and lower closing costs!)